Knives for Printing, Food Processing, & Packaging Industries

We cater to a diverse range of industries ranging from food processing to printing and more.

Euro-Knives USA

For the Printing Industry

For the offset printing industry, we offer cut-off knives and cutting sticks made from vulkollan or polyurethane for superior cutting.

We also provide high-support grippers made from resilient cutlery steel or highly alloyed steel. Our grippers come with special coatings to offer better gripping properties, like cheekwood (or pressure-bar) that hold a knife within a knife box.

Commercial Food Processor Knives

We provide cheese and meat slicers for commercial food processors. Our knives are food-grade and will last long, staying sharp for a long time.

Euro-Knives USA

Packaging Industry

We also offer packaging knives and die-cutting parts. These are primarily used to cut the plastic film used in food packaging.